Presentation Topics

Compliance for Operating Facilities

  • This topic covers environmental compliance associated with operating facilities and mobile emissions sources (i.e., locomotives).  For example, SPCC Plans, storm water management and permitting, air emissions, inspections and compliance audits, and overall compliance management.

Environmental Management Systems

  • This topic covers the broad concept of approaches (systems) for managing environmental data and programs.  These are generally programmatic approaches such as a process/tool/digital application to manage environmental data or programs.

Environmental Permitting and Planning

  • This topic covers the permitting and planning activities required for construction projects (e.g., new alignments, new/upgraded structures, access to derailment locations).  Includes NEPA-required activities, environmental impact assessments, Corps of Engineers-driven permitting, etc.

Incident Management

  • This topic covers emergency response activities (i.e., response to derailments) as well as emergency preparedness (e.g., Geographic Response Plans) and specific aspects such as NIMS and SCAT-driven response activities.


  • This topic includes remediation of impacted sites.

Sustainability and Resilience

  • This topic covers sustainability initiatives and programs, climate change issues and sustainability reporting.

Wastewater Management

  • This topic covers management of wastewater at operating facilities, including wastewater treatment, management of industrial wastewater (sewer) systems, and management of storm water as it relates to wastewater treatment systems (i.e., segregation of storm water from wastewater).